is it spam or scam?

4307993 blog 300x200 is it spam or scam?Just lately I have been getting an infuriating amount of spam from a company calling itself boxbe – and there’s no way to stop it.  Like most people I rarely take notice of spam, but feel taken when something non spammy looking get’s me to open it.

When you signup to a company and decide later you don’t want anything to do with them it’s usually an easy process to remove your account.  All good forum software and traffic exchanges do that but not these boxbe people.

Somehow their rubbish finds a way through boxtrapper and spam assassin, and because I get caught each time I am wasting more and more time.

They want me to share my contacts with them, maybe they think other people want to receive their spam too!  Or perhaps they think they should be allowed to because facebook does?

They are mad, why would anyone want to do that?

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  • barry says:

    I just became aware of this bebox and noticed a $60.00 Mastercard charge, what is this????

  • Tom Jones says:

    On some industry forums you will tell you that you “need to spend at least $3,000″, this high cost, they explain, will be required for graphic design and essential modifications, non of which, is required for a Ventrino traffic exchange as you have both the features and easy template system built-in.

  • John says:

    Of course Boxbe put me in travel or I put myself in travel by signing up with this company because I thought it will help my inbox not to be overloaded with unnecessary emails.

    I thought may be there is a way out to opt-out Boxbe but I am stuck! I tried all means to signout or unsubscribe using the information from Chris the Offial from Boxbe, yet nothing happened. All my contacts are receiving the invitation messages I never send myself, what a mistake!

    you must change the company (Boxbe) to something that anybody can enjoy like google, Bing, yahoo! and others. please sign me out


    John in Sudan

    • Abdul Ghani says:

      Dear John,

      Just your change your email password after than boxbe would not be able to send emails on behalf of you.

  • coy says:

    good thing i read the comments here about boxbe before i signed up.
    thnx guys.

    • shiwa says:

      Good for me too, I was wondering it might help but why not google people released themselves such thing… and then re-confirming the gap I came here to know its stupid stuff.

  • mvr reddy says:

    Just received…Box be invitation. Thanks god I didn’t take it and avoided the new year menace!

  • Ava says:

    Thanks, so I will not register now!

  • Hey guys, I received an email from this guy that directs me to the Boxbe site…but I found it disturbing as I had to agree in the contract that I will give them access to my entire yahoo mail, and I as well as a friend of mine found that disturbing and sent back a pretty enraged email back to that person. So we jumped(especially me) to hasty conclusions, and am sorry for the way I reacted, and if you guys tell me this is an OK site I would feel compelled to write the person back a message of apology.
    I too searched for the site on yahoo, and think it’s OK , but just want to know what you guys think upon the matter.
    Here’s the site URL, in case it’s for real and maybe some people want to make use of it: -well got to say it looks legit.

  • Anton Wijaya says:

    It’s safe ? i used it.

    Thanks for negative comments, sad people :(

  • Sue says:

    I just got an email from them which contained an attachment with a virus. The title was relevant to me, so they are getting clever

  • Leonard Stefanelli says:

    I have no idea how I got BoxBee, but it surely delates a lot of SPAM, which I found out tonight when I used my I phone and saw Icon in the Mail Box page and it says “Boxbe Waiting List….”, I called it up and found that I had some 520 “messages”, I called them up and at least 95% were spam. However, the 5%, were important messages that I never saw, where people said that they sent , but that Boxbe, somehow concluded and/or determined that they were SPAM, I would rather have all my important e mails myself and determine which e mails are important and those which are not. How in the hell does one cancel this nightmare ???? Thanks < Lenny

  • boxbeisgood says:

    yeah ..these negetive coments are here cause they newbies to spam etc…if u no what your doin its a good legit site

    • Adub says:

      If you know what you’re doing, you don’t need this website, NOOB!!!!! Sorry, I mean IDIOT! :@

      You’re a loser, this website is complete trash! There is nothing good about what they do to steal your info and then “they” decide what is spam. NO THANK YOU!

      I mean, are you freakin’ serious, that it means a newbie is the one who can’t use the service properly, but yourself can use it properly?
      Well then this website can take a hike, and us “newbies” can just use our emails the way we always do, without having any privacy issues and also no issues with spam!


  • muneca67 says:

    IT ISNT LEGIT, THERE IS A WHOLE WEB SIGHT OF SCAMS AND THEY R ONE OF THEM.why accept something u never heard of? look up box be and you will see it for yourself and other complaints…block em go to your settings and write down the email address and it will block em afterwards, i have…spam and scams, its all what they r…

  • Kristin says:


    I was waiting for a file for a recording project and when I saw the first boxbe email. I thougth It was my client trying to send me a large file via a new sharing account…so I signed up so I could “open what the person was trying to share with me” because that is waht the email states, that this person is trying to share something with …turns out it was nothing, there was no file, just a dumb spam site that aggravated everyone on my contact list by spamming them!

    I have an email list which I limit my emails to once a month, now my contacts that receive my monthly newsletter are furious I gave out their information to a 3rd party site…I am furious because several of these people have asked to be removed from my email list and that directly effects my living!

    ..also, I just learned that emails I have been waiting on have been sitting in a boxbe folder I was unaware of, the emails were listed and “potential spam” and I missed an important deadline because boxbe was a terrible filter.

    I know someone on this blog seemed happy with boxbe, and say, “we don’t know how to use boxbe” but i firmly disagree (and I think that the person commenting with praise for boxbe is a “plant” and not a real user)….what competent filtering service would flag email addresses that i send messages to? I had 2 new clients that I emailed a week ago and boxbe blocked their replies…I think any site that blocks replies needs to admit they are spam…or go back to the drawing board and scrap the boxbe site because it sux! and oh yeah, its SPAM!!! This is the worst kind of spam because it jacks with your inbox too and prevents you from getting valuable mail!

  • ~Romil says:

    Boxbe appears a project which had good intentions, up until late 2009. No updates here after Sep. 2009?

    Apparently, its infuriating for people who want to reach you, also for a boxbe user to be unaware of its working as it works as a stealth app.

  • ~Romil says:

    Oh, I missed quoting their blog URL which hasn’t been updated after a downtime in Sep. 2009:

  • Clarence says:

    Boxbe is complete spam. I have a email list/newletter and after sending out a newsletter I receive an email “on a noreply email” that stated my message wouldn’t be sent up i verify.

    so i said what the hell, and went to verify.

    To verify i had to watch a Version Wireless commercial before the verification code was shown LOL.

    then they tried to make it seem like i have to enter all my contact info to have my message delivers.

    I quickly unsubscribe that person from my email list.

    No time for Boxbe member on my email list. I wish it would have just bounced back and saved me the time.

  • Elrod says:

    You want to avoid spam? Use GMail. Works fine. You do NOT need this BOXBE crap!

  • uzer says:

    I don’t like

  • Tyrol says:

    I hate Boxbe. After I accepted the invitation from my friend, I could eliminate, disable or unsubscribe to it. Multiple of my email sent out carried with the same invitation (into use Boxbe). What a spam to my email targets. DO NOT SIGN UP with BOXBE!!!

  • Hito says:

    I agree that is big waste of my timw.
    My customers are fed up the BOXBE emails that are generated from my account. Now to get it uninstalled – fo farm its like moving a limpet or barnacle

  • Julie Mckay says:

    How do I get rid of it? Please email me with a solution, if boxbe will let you!

    • JonahW says:

      I got tricked by them too. How to get rid of it is easy: change your email account password, and never tell Boxbe the new one. They’ll ask you, too — you’ll get an email saying “we can’t access your email account anymore.” Good!

      It is a scam, and has nothing to do with Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail etc. When you give boxbe your email account password, they automatically read all your incoming email and send out auto-responses “on your behalf” telling everyone who writes to you that they need to sign up, too.

  • Rob says:

    I just got hit with a Boxbe spammer too coming through one of my web-forms. This stuff really gets me going. Someone should hack these dudes.

  • kritika says:

    Hey.. I have a lot of this Boxbe shit on my Gmail account, and I almost missed my university deadline because it spammed some very important mails which it made invisible in my normal inbox.
    can anyone please tell me how to get rid of this shit? it’s a big cause of worry… I don’t know how to delete it.> !

  • sybille michel noel says:

    I can’t receaved me mails from or the others. boxbe bloked my normal inbox. I want to stop that.

  • JennQ says:

    I NEVER signed up for boxbe but a relative did and I was on her mailing list. Through her, they got ahold of my email and sent me an “invitation” since I was on a “guest list”. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR IT or even visit the site to join. That very day I had received their email (I didn’t even log into my hotmail for days), they hijacked my contact list and are continuing to spam junk mail via my email as if I was the actual sender.

    So, even if you had nothing to do with them and are on someone else’s contact list for emails, they already have their hooks in you if that friend of yours decides that boxbe is something they’d like to join.

    At this point blocking boxbe does nothing to stop the incoming/outgoing spam for my email contact list. I’m changing my email password in hopes of cutting them off completely.

    They are a nuisance to social networking and need to be stopped.



  • Auntdew says:

    I have been working as part of a team, and one of the members of that team uses boxbe.
    We often send emails to everyone in our team.
    When I receive the email, my gmail account automatically tags it as “important” and puts it in my priority box, because gmail is smart enough to know that the sender and recipients are people who I regularly correspond with.
    However, boxbe just concludes that it might be spam, puts it in the waitque, and sends an annoying email to the sender.
    It is annoying when every time I send an email to the team, I get an email telling me she has not received the email, it is on the waitque, but if I join up it won’t be put there.

    Anyway, she just sent out an email saying that she’s tried to disable it. Hopefully it has worked.

  • Andre says:

    Send 10 emails to that address with the heading STOP SPAMMING ME , and send 10 emails to that address for every one email you get from Boxbe.

    Make sure your links to your websites etc are not in the signature of your emails.

    The more people who do this, the better.

  • Dave Parikh says:

    BOXBE is a bad news.

    Ever since I was dupped into signing into it because a friend (Indirectly and unknowingly) asked me to; I have nothing but NIGHTMARE. Here are only some of problems.

    1. Boxbe puts my valuble emails in SPAM.
    2. I can not sometimes read it even if I open their “Boxbe-waiting” folder.
    3. There is every indication that they are misusing my mailing-list without my permission.
    4. I have not been able to get rid of it.
    5. I concur with everyone else’s problems also.

    I am not computer savy. So, it gives me (only) a small comfort that some tech savy people here have same problems. Misery seeks company. And the culprit in everyone’s misary is “BOXBE”

    Boxbe is a Criminal entity that needs to be investigated and its owners should be put in jail.

    Does anyone know which agency should go after these guys?

  • Bondadged By Boxbe says:

    Boxbe is BAD News. ************ Stay away from it, at all cost.

    Few months back, I accidently gave them some info. I think they required me to allow them in order that I can see an email from someone I knew or something like that. I am usually extra careful but I am not tech-savvy like many people here may be. so I have much harder time dealing with this.

    Since then, I had so many problems. Here are just few:

    1. It siphons off my contacts and forces them to sign-up to read my email.
    2. It force me to put anyone that is not in my contact list (but otherwise my legitimate communicator), as my contact. Otherwise, sometimes, I cannot read their email.
    3. Everyone Not in my contact list is automatically viewed as spam and put in their “Boxbe Waiting” folder. Initially, I did not know it and lost several important emails and perhaps some business.
    4. I deleted the whole “Boxbe Waiting” folder thinking that will solve the problem. They re-installed that folder and the NIGHTMARE continues.
    5. I tried to find a phone number or something that would allow me to discontinue it. They deliberately hide their information.

    I asked some other more knowledgeable people about it. They were smart enough to have NOT fallen victim to Boxbe, so they did not know what I was talking about and could not help me.

    Boxbe is a Criminal Enterprise. It should be investigated for its underhanded activities and its owners need to be put in jail, for good.

    Does anyone know which is the right agency that should hear all the complain about it and prosecute them.

  • carol fowler says:

    stay away guys this is a real nasty my friendsent it to be in the new year was fine for 6 months then I notice i had to download every messageto se it and now I cant even see the emails because they wont download change my bt password hope it works or i will have to change my email,which will be adister as its on our cards and leaflets etc for our charity outreach project

  • James Casper says:

    Please people Please do not get this Boxbe Scam. I unfortunately signed up for it. MISTAKE!!! How do I get this off my aol account. Does anyone know and please help me here. Thank you

  • Frank says:

    How can i unsubscribe from bloody bombe?

  • Mohd firdaus says:

    Go too Account info then manage Apps & website connection..try setting there
    hope u all can..change the setting

  • Mohd firdaus says:
  • Lifehacker says:

    Hi, boxbe can use your email information.. What happen if you have paypal password in your email?
    Use your brain dude..

    Boxbe Potential Harm

    1. Spam you back : Boxbe has alot of email list.. Then they can advertise thier product to you..
    2. Sell email list include yours..
    3. Stole your password and account
    4. Spread virus to your email

    and.. the most important.. stole your BANK account and go holiday with your MONEY..

  • Prakash says:

    This service is crap. Sending automated messages to your inbox when they claim to protect from the same problem.

  • Hi Everyone,

    If you have no problems with filtering out Spam and only receive email from those people who you wish to get email from, Boxbe may not be for you. Our free service is here to support those who need to deal with Spam, prioritize their inboxes, and need the extra filtering security. The Boxbe Blog is now being actively updated with highlights of product development, and there are no more videos to watch before taking the CAPTCHA (which is only necessary if a person was going to self-approve their email address to your Guest List). Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy stating that Boxbe is not in the business of selling your personal information. We are here to help you with a more organized emailing experience.

    • Adub says:

      !!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM BOXBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      !!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM BOXBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      !!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM BOXBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      !!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM BOXBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      !!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM BOXBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      !!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM BOXBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      !!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM BOXBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Do you get it?

  • Dr. Nilakantha Acharya says:

    How can I close my Boxbe account?
    If you would like to close your account for any reason, you can close your account from the Account Info page once you are logged in:

  • I was following up on one of job openings from my e mail and i replied to it and i got the reply stating that i need to be in guest list of in order for them to deliver my reply to reciepient inbox. when i clicked on link it opened up a wesite, that triggered suspicion. I’m glad i closed the window even before it was loading and decided to check the review of the website in google and came across all your comments about I’m glad i’ve decided not pursue it as i do not require any more spam!!!!! THANKS EVERY ONE FOR YOUR VALUABLE COMMENTS…..\M/

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